The Lottery – Book Review

The Lottery by D. K. WallThe Lottery is a fiction novel written by D. K. Wall, about Nathan Thomas and the small town drama that upends his otherwise humdrum life.

To be honest, I didn’t like reading this book, mostly for the fact that it was so plot heavy. I like reading books with fleshed out characters that I can relate to or at the very least care for. This was not the case for this book. From the first chapter, there are no less than 10 characters that are introduced. I actually listed all the characters in a notebook to keep track of who’s who. I don’t think any of the characters grew or changed throughout the course of the book in any way, especially Nathan, the main character.

Meanwhile, the plot was predictable, packed with long descriptions of Millerton. I felt like it dragged on and I found myself scanning through to the dialogue. The pacing was not successful as it kept going up and down. There would be a little bit of action then all of a sudden it slams into a description about an area of Millerton.

I believe this book would’ve benefitted from being a short story. I felt like at some point it might’ve been a short story but then filled with description to make it long enough for a book, hence the choppiness of the pacing. 

Books are very subjective in my opinion. The same is true in any creative endeavor. So I don’t like giving a star rating or any rating. I am not an author, though I aspire to be one some day and writing book reviews helps me with my writing skills. I truly admire anyone who is disciplined enough to write a book and have it published.

Thank you,