Top 5 Ways to Get Over A Reading Slump

If you read a lot of books, there may be a time when any book you start is just not interesting you at all or you just don’t want to read. You wish you wanted to but you don’t. I’ve had a few reading slumps this year and the follow five tips is how I got over them.

#5 – Surf Goodreads: Look at what your friends or people you follow are reading even if you don’t have any intention of reading those books. I also like look at my Reading Challenge and see how far I’ve come. That motivates me.

#4 – Read a fun, fluffy, short, contemporary romance novel: I find it irrelevant to judge people on what they read. A fun romance novel is a perfect way to get out of your slump and back into reading more books! Here are some book suggestions.

#3 – Surf Twitter and follow some awesome bookish accounts.

#2 – Watch Booktube: Most of the time, watching a few of my favorite BookTuber videos gets me right back in the mood to read. Here are some of my favorites!

#1 – Take a break: If you have a bad reading slump that’s lasting for weeks or months, try this: do not read any books for at least 24 hours. Don’t even look at them. Do something else entirely different like meditate, yoga, go for a walk…

What do you do to get over a reading slump?

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