June & July 2017 Reading Wrap Up


The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin – Read this in one sitting. An awesome book.
Fables, Vol. 5: The Mean Seasons by Bill Willingham  – Overall, the Fables series is well written and illustrated but at times I feel that there are too many branches to the tree, too many stories going on when I mostly just want to read about Bigby and Snow. I don’t know if I’ll continue reading Fables as I want to read other graphic novels as well.

Fables, Vol. 6: Homelands by Bill Willingham
Shopgirl by Steve Martin – Really liked the writing style.
The Skin I’m In by Sharon G. Flake – Really liked the message, great for young and impressionable readers.
Fables, Vol. 7: Arabian Nights by Bill Willingham
Fables, Vol. 8: Wolves by Bill Willingham


Room by Emma Donoghue – Room took a little time to get into it and get used to the language since it’s narrated by a 5 year old. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing perspective. After I got used to the five year old Jack’s point of view, I enjoyed reading it and how he saw the world. I enjoyed reading Jack’s made up words like meltedy and scave (aka feeling scared and brave and the same time, Jack’s word sandwich). 

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – The Goldfinch was a long and detailed book but a somewhat enjoyable read nonetheless. At 771 pages, there was bound to be some parts where the detail was a little too much and towards the end, I just wanted to finish the book as soon as possible. It is about a boy name Theo who loses his mom to a bomb explosion in a museum, where his mom and himself went. He escapes with his life and with a painting, The Goldfinch. The rest of the book is about his life as he hides the painting for himself. I really liked the writing styles and language. I would recommend it but I would recommend taking your time with it and not rush through it.

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